Number 33–Reef Jam

Sunday, May 24, 2015

This morning we woke up and there was a cruise ship docked on the pier!

I'm holding the cruise ship! ;)

I’m holding the cruise ship! 😉

We went down to go and see the shops and everything. It was really fun to see Frederiksted so alive and full of people. The cruise ship tourists were surprisingly crabby. They didn’t seem very happy to be here which was very surprising. They just seemed like they were here to quick stop and shop and maybe try to experience something else. It really is a shame because St. Croix has so much to offer if they would just open their eyes and be happy. They’re on a beautiful island for goodness sake. Maybe they’re just taking advantage of what they have. Kind of a white privilege thing. They already knew they were coming here, they’ve already been so many places, why would they need to be excited? Maybe somewhere else is cooler. Maybe they just needed to get off of the ship. I don’t know, but it was a little bit upsetting!

After I spent enough money there, we headed over to Reef Jam which was so much fun. (As you can see in the featured photo) Joelle, Blaire, and I all were helping sell hotdogs! We got to talk to a really cool man named Duffy.

Joelle, Duffy, and me!

Joelle, Duffy, and me!

He is from Philadelphia and moved here a few years ago with his family, but has been vacationing here since 2000. He was a really nice man who made it so much fun to work in the hot sun. Reef Jam is basically a big party that raises money for the reef and to educate youth about the youth. It is such a good cause because St. Croix needs the reef for tourism to make money for itself.  Reef Jam was really fun and I’m so happy that a lot of money was raised for such a great cause.

Day 11 was a really relaxing day. It was fun to participate in Reef Jam and it was fun to see the cruise ship. Day 12 will be quite the adventure.


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