Hey! I’m Emily! I started this blog to just talk about my life and to remind myself about the good things that happen instead of the bad things. I want everyone to remember that it’s not always about the bad.

A little bit about me: I’m a college student at Winona State University. I’m a Human Resources Management and Business Administration major and a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies minor! I love theatre and I play the alto saxophone. My boyfriend is a wonderful human being and I love him very much. I have 4 jobs: ice cream parlor, two lifeguard jobs, and Community Mentor. My life goal is to live in New York for some point in my life. My role model is Taylor Swift. She’s incredible and is the best example I can think of that I could aspire to be like.

I’m so happy that you landed on my page! My first few blogs have been pretty random but I’m slowly trying to change the focus to feminism stuff! That’s what I’ve been really passionate about lately.

Now that I’ve got you started, you can go read more about me and what I stand for!




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