25 reasons to thank your best friend right this second

Recently, life hasn’t always been falling into place. Lucky for me, I have the worlds best, best friend. She never fails to make me smile. She always makes me feel special. She has basically reset my standards for all men. I definitely don’t thank her enough.


So here’s why you need to thank your best friend right at this very second.

  1. They’re ALWAYS only a text or call away.
  2. They tag you in the funniest memes on Facebook and Twitter.
  3. When you’re having a bad day they’re always there to give you a pep talk.
  4. You don’t even have to tell them when you’re having a bad day, they just know by the look you give them.
  5. When you have something important coming up, they’re always your biggest fan.
  6. They love to surprise you with your favorite food or drink.
  7. If you need a movie night, they are always up for it.
  8. When you pick the same movie you watched last night, they are still ecstatic about watching it.
  9. Their favorite songs are your favorite songs.
  10. You have the best car dances.
  11. There’s always a hug waiting for you.
  12. They are the ultimate wing person.
  13. They are only concerned with your best interest.
  14. They say things like “I’m excited to FaceTime from our apartment bathrooms when we are both pooping!”
  15. They push you to be better in every single way.
  16. They keep you in check.
  17. They stand up for you in any situation.
  18. They are your best and favorite drinking buddy.
  19. You both come up with the best stupidest ideas.
  20. You have a whole picture album dedicated to those ideas.
  21. They throw you congratulations parties.
  22. They are your shoulder to cry on.
  23. They give you the best advice they know how to give.
  24. They’re always up for a selfie.
  25. Most importantly, they love and support you no matter what.

I know there are plenty more reasons, but for now this list will suffice. Thank you, best friend, for everything you do. I love you with my whole heart.