Number 31–Whim Plantation

Friday, May 22, 2015

Today at the worksites we had another instant gratification day. We were clearing trees to create more sunlight for better trees. We spent a good two hours clearing this area for more light and at the end it actually looked pretty good. The nature conservancy is going to be planting mahogany trees so they can eventually sell them so they need more light. The difference between trees with light and without is actually quite drastic. There were trees that were planted at the same time and one has sun, and the other doesn’t, and the tree without light hadn’t grown at all, but the other one had grown a lot. So we really did make a difference today and that made me really happy. I believe we are doing the same thing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well so that will be exciting to see the end results!

Also at our worksites today we got to see a presentation by Kemmit about the Coral nursery! It was a really cool thing to see because I really didn’t know much about coral restoration and what all goes into it. It was a very informative presentation and I’m glad that I got to see it! Once that presentation was done, the nature group got together and interviewed Richard. He is such an interesting guy and it was a fun interview.

After our work day we headed to the Whim Plantation.

Pictures from the plantation!

Pictures from the plantation!

More pictures :)

More pictures 🙂

It was really cool to see the house. It was a one room house, with one bedroom, a living room, and a great room. It was a small house but at the same time it seemed huge. We also got to see a woman making delicious candy and we also to meet Junie the conch guy. He finds these conch shells and cuts them and sells them for a living!

A shell

He is really nice and a very generous guy. He even gave Nicole a free shell which was very nice!

Nicole and her shell!

Nicole and her shell!

The Whim Plantation was really awesome and I’m very glad I got to experience it.

Tonight we got to eat dinner in Christiansted. We had Mexican food at a nice little place that had disgusting house margaritas. All of us that decided to head into Christiansted ate at the same place for Cheryl’s birthday.Then we went out and had fun in the town.

Alana and me!

Alana and me!

We had a lot of fun during one of our last nights at Christiansted!

Day 9, over and out.


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