Number 29–Fire

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

At the worksites today we planted trees! It was fun, but it was very, very hot. Like….extremely hot. A really not fun hot. A very dry and hot, hot. It was a gratifying experience because I know that the trees are there and they will grow to be large trees and it will help. I believe the reason they want the trees are because it will help with rain. A long time ago that conserved area was trying to be turned into an airport. They had terminals and everything. Obviously, they had to cut down tons of trees in order to do that. Keep in mind that this area was completely forested. So they cut down these trees and then the rain began to stop and now they get less and less rain. Now that they are planting new trees, they hope for the rain to continue!

After the worksites, we went out to Christiansted to do some shopping! Christiansted has some really great shopping, especially for jewelry. They have these hook bracelets that actually have a cool significance. It is a bracelet that has a horseshoe and it also has something that symbolizes a love bracelet from Africa. So the whole bracelet symbolizes good luck with love. It’s so nice and it has a great meaning! I also got a few other random things besides jewelry, but that was the big purchase.

I love walking around here because of all of the local people. I think they are so much fun and they really make the experience a billion times better. Everyone is always so nice and willing to talk to you and help you. It’s just such a friendly environment and it makes everything that much better.

Once our Christiansted adventure was done, we headed to dinner at Rose’s Dream Cuisine. Rose is a woman that actually used to be a house keeper at cottages and had always had the dream of owning her own restaurant. Once she turned 60 she learned how to drive and she decided it was time to open her restaurant. The food was delicious and it’s always a good time eating with everyone. Rose is such a cute little woman. I really love her aspiration for her dreams and she got everything accomplished that she wanted too. She is a true inspiration.

After Rose’s, we all sat outside and watched Kyler spin fire with Kiki and the Flaming Gypsies! That was so cool mainly because Kyler was so happy. She was in her zone and she was so enthusiastic. You can really tell that it’s her passion and it’s just so incredible. We are all really happy that Kiki and her crew were able to make it out to perform for us. That was so nice of them to just perform for us! You know that it’s a passion when people will just come out and do it for you with nothing in return.

Day 7 was so much fun and I can’t wait for the 11 more to come.


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