Number 26–Snorkeling

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Today was a great day. We didn’t have to start quite so early today, more around 8:00am. We were all out the door by 8:30am so we could get to our catamaran tour! The tour was so much fun. I did get a little bit sea sick, but it was okay. I really enjoyed seeing all of the sights! I had never been snorkeling before, so for that to be my first time was really exciting. We went in the Barrier Reef and those were just some incredible sights. We saw schools of fish, and some people even saw a sleeping shark.

School of fish.

School of fish.

If that isn’t excitement, I don’t know what is. I did learn, though, that snorkeling isn’t really for me. It was pretty wavy so I ended up getting a headache, there were tons of people all around so I was getting kicked and splashed, and water kept leaking into my mask. I loved seeing all of the fishies and everything, but snorkeling was more of a one and done kind of deal for me. However, I am still pretty pumped to scuba. I think that will be a great experience.

Once we were done with snorkeling we headed back on the catamaran and started our journey to another island to eat. On the way they served us all rum punch (legal drinking age is 18, don’t worry.) and we were all happy campers. I think that really does show their laid back lifestyle and how everyone needs a drink on a boat and just how much fun they have. They got us playing some game with two ropes and once we had a little rum punch in us everyone was trying every possible way to get out of those ropes.

Tangled in the ropes!

Tangled in the ropes!

It was hilarious.

After we got back from the catamaran we had a class discussion and we talked a lot about race and connections that people are making. I think it is a really great point that we live behind a camera. Instead of taking in everything and having the best experience that we can, we just take pictures without even thinking. Tamara was talking about a sacred place called Maroon Ridge and how our tour guide for that encourages pictures there so that we can share the story (which I will do when the time comes) and make it something to learn from. Throughout this trip I have been taking a few pictures, but I don’t think I’ve been living behind the camera, and I also think I’ve been doing a good job of being respectful. I’ve taken in so many things that I can’t believe that there are still 14 days left.

Once class was finished we had a great dinner and we had some really interesting conversations at our table. Hunter (the only guy on the trip) was at the table and we were talking about what everyone wants to do and what they’re majoring in and he told us that when he completes his minor is WGSS, he will earn more than a woman with a minor in WGSS. Now obviously we all know there is already a wage gap and stuff, but even after WGSS, he’ll still earn more. That just blows me away. Life is crazy that way.

After dinner everything was very chill. We got back by 8:30 so it was an early night. I got to skype Tom and my parents so that was nice! It was definitely a relaxed night which was good because of worksites in the morning and having to wake up pretty early. Day 4 was adventurous and exciting. Bring on tomorrow.


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