Number 22–Things I wish I knew before college

Let’s be honest here, when we’re seniors in high school we think we know everything about college. At least I did. I was very confident that I had EVERYTHING figured out. But to my surprise, I didn’t. So current seniors, here’s a few things I wish I knew before my first year of school.

  • Making friends at a new school with all new people is not as easy as you think. When you get there, you’ll talk to people, but you’ll be talking to so many new people that it will be hard to actually make friends with someone. 
  • The friends you do make and stick with will be the highlight of your year. I don’t know what I would’ve done without my girls. They were my rock. I love them so, so much. They stuck by my side through everything and my year wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was without them. 


  • Grades are super important. This might seem like an obvious one, but with my college experience, teachers really don’t care about the homework you do (besides math). A majority of grades are tests and sometimes attendance/participation. If you don’t have a good study technique (like me) then you’re GPA will not look as pretty as you want it to.
  • Sweat pants are ALWAYS okay. In high school it was fun to try every once in a while, but now in college sweat pants are everyones best friend. No one is judging you. They are wishing they were you. Especially at those 8ams. 
  • Being nice to people is the key. People love nice people. If you treat people like poop, it’s going to eventually bite you in the butt. That extra smile and thank you can go a really, really long way.
  • Do not take everything so seriously. Yes, grades are EXTREMELY important, but honestly, put down the books for a nice night with your friends, even if it’s just for an hour or two.
  • Go out and enjoy the city you live in. Realize it’s beauty and thank yourself for choosing to go to that school. 

    Sugar Loaf in Winona <3

    Sugar Loaf in Winona ❤

  • Pizza** is your friend. Most pizza places deliver until very late/early in the morning. Take a study break for pizza. If the caf food is not satisfactory, order pizza. **Chinese can sometimes replace pizza. Or subs. Really just food is your friend. 
  • Money and time management are way more important than anyone could have ever told you. Money: yes, pizza is your friend, but money is a better friend. Just remember to check your bank account weekly. You might not want to see it, but you need to. Time: your schedule is important. Make sure you give yourself time to get to class and get settled in. Professors don’t like late people. They might not point you out, but they don’t like it.
  • Dorm life can be really fun. I don’t know why people knock dorm life before they try it. Sure, it doesn’t always sound appealing, but it’s the experience. I had a blast running into the same person every morning in the bathroom. It’s fun living with someone who is one of your best friends. The only thing that really sucked was how gross other girls could be. Leaving toothpaste in the sink and hair in the shower. But other than that it was perfectly fine and I’m excited to do it again. Honestly, don’t knock it till you try it. 

    Halloween in the dorms with the roomie!

    Halloween in the dorms with the roomie!

  • Long distance is incredibly hard. No more of that “distance is just a test” crap. It’s hard. And you’ll have to fight like hell so make sure it’s what you really want. If it is, more power to you. If it’s not, save yourself and the other person from the pain. 
  • Mistakes happen. You can’t live in the past. You just can’t. You have to learn and grow from your mistakes. Didn’t study and failed? Study next time. Skipped an important class? Don’t next time. Mistakes happen to everyone. It’s not just you, even though that’s what it feels like. 
  • Family is everything. Call your parents every few days at least. They miss you. Call your grandparents. They miss you too. Family are the people who have to be on your side through everything. They support you and they love you. If you need a pick-me-up, call home.  

    Mom and dad came to visit!

    Mom and dad came to visit!

  • Finding love isn’t everything. It really isn’t. Spend the first few years having fun and just being you. If you do happen to find love, you realize that it’s truly amazing. My love grows every single day and it is just crazy how much you can care about one person. I love being in love, but like I said, it isn’t everything. 

    Happily in love with my best friend. <3

    Happily in love with my best friend. ❤

That, my friends, is my list. It’s probably lacking a few things, but I can add those as time goes on. Seniors, get ready to be a freshman again. It’s one hell of a journey that will be unforgettable to you. 


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