Number 21–Catch up or ketchup?

Hi there! I’m so sorry that it has been a while. I just really haven’t had much to say! Let’s play a game of catch up.

Well since we last talked Tom and I took a break, but don’t worry, we’re back together now. I actually just got back from visiting him in Seattle! That was seriously a blast. My featured picture is one I took when we were downtown! Here are some more 🙂

The classic Space Needle picture! I mean I can’t just not.

We went to this glass garden thing right next to the space needle and it was SO COOL. It was just so incredibly beautiful. It’s hard to believe someone could create this stuff with their hands.

This was a ceiling of one of the rooms. It reminded me of a reef or something. It’s so beautiful.

This one reminded me of an upside down Christmas tree. It’s actually hanging from the ceiling. Like dang.

How could I even pass this up? This room reminded me of sunflowers and happiness.

OMG AREN’T WE THE CUTEST THINGS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN???????? I seriously love this picture so much. I’m so happy with this man and I think this accurately describes how much we love each other.

I'm so in love.

I’m so in love.

We didn’t get to ride the ferris wheel. 😦 Next time… 🙂

It was really cool to see the Public Market! Pikes Place was a super fun place and I can’t wait to go back.

Well now you guys are caught up on my Seattle trip! That’s so exciting. It was honestly so much fun and I’m so grateful for Tom because he paid my whole way there and back. What a great guy! 🙂

Now on to other parts of my life. Believe it or not, there is more to life than bae! (Sorry bae.) School has been great! I actually just added a minor! I’m now officially a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies minor! I’m so, so excited. This summer I’m going to St. Croix for that. (It’s actually in 13 days and I’m freaking out because I’m so excited.) Next semester alone I’m actually taking 9 credits for my minor so that’ll be really good! The minor will be complete by the end of my junior year so I really think it’s a good use of my time. Plus it’s something that I’m really passionate about so that makes it even easier.

I registered last week and got most of the classes I wanted so that’s amazing. And now I’m number 1 on the waitlist of my last class I want to get in to. YAY! Speaking of next year, I have 2 jobs lined up and I’m ecstatic about both of them. The first one is the lifeguard/fitness center job I already had, but the second one is being a Community Mentor for Octans house. Basically, we have 7 houses on West at Winona. The houses are set up like Harry Potter. (Well I think they are. I never read or watched Harry Potter so…) It’s just a competition. So we have contests and games and stuff and whoever gets the most points wins! First prize usually gets mugs, second gets shirts, and I don’t know what third gets….whatever. They don’t matter. And I’m also really excited for this job because I get to be a teaching assistant to the Mississippi River class and we get to go kayaking all the time. I can’t wait for that. I LOVE kayaking! Who doesn’t though?

See! I love kayaking.

See! I love kayaking.

I’m almost done with my freshman year of college. That’s so crazy to me. Like I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m 25% done. If you count from preschool, I’m 15/18 done. That’s 83.33% done. That’s INSANE! Adulthood is about to become real. Next year I’m signing a lease for a house with the squad.



I’ll be buying groceries and actual things that go in a house instead of a dorm. I won’t wear shoes in the shower. I won’t go home in the summer and I’ll spend more and more time in Winona. AHHHHHHHH. My stress level is basically Troy Bolton senior year. If it could just be summer that would be great. Finals are this upcoming week so that’ll be good. I’m not really too worried. I’M JUST READY FOR SUMMER! 🙂

Well now that I feel like you guys are all caught up with my life, I’m gonna get out of here. I’m going to try to blog more about feministy things and things that relate to my minor. Keep watching out for St. Croix details 🙂




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