Number 20–“Feminism ruined my generation”

Screenshot (1)

I went to go look up some videos for this blog and as I typed in feminism this is what came up. This makes me so upset because people of the internet literally don’t know what feminism means. They think it ruins things, that it’s bullshit, that it’s dumb. I hate that. I hate it so much. Why can’t people understand that feminism is about EQUALITY. Literally because it has “femin” in it doesn’t mean it’s all about women. Sure, it’s mostly women that want to be equal, but it’s also about boys too. Girls shouldn’t be able to get away with a speeding ticket because they are pretty or because they are crying, just like boys shouldn’t be able to get away with things because they are intimidating. If people could think about it in simple terms like that life would be so much easier. If the name could be something totally unrelated to women, life would be easier and that sucks. It just proves why we need feminism. I told my parents that I’m definitely a feminist and now they keep making comments like “maybe we should ask the feminist” or “feminist, is that okay we said that”. Stuff like that doesn’t make me mad it just annoys me with how ignorant some people can be sometimes. Why do you think society so turned off by feminism and feminists?

ps bloggers that follow me and care, I’M GOING TO ST. CROIX WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.




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