Number 19–St. Croix

Recently I got the amazing opportunity to maybe take a trip to St. Croix in May! It’s a travel study through school and I’d be earning credit to do a lot of volunteer work, meet with women’s organizations who are looking to earn social justice, meet with human rights organizations for justice within the legal systems, meet with other human rights organizations for kids in school, and so many other cool things. It honestly sounds like the most amazing thing that I would ever do. I’ve always been looking for a push to do something like this and help make a difference somewhere. This could really be a turning point for me and I just cannot stop thinking about it. I’m really hoping that I get to fulfill this opportunity. Ugh. I seriously can’t even imagine it. Not only do we get to do all that cool stuff, but we also get to go on a full-day tour of the island, go deep sea kayaking, go hiking, and go snorkeling/scuba diving. 18 days to explore and change lives. I’m just waiting on the mothers okay. She’s not too keen on the whole idea of spending $4000 for me to do this. I think it’s worth it because that includes tuition and fees (I’d get 6 credits), air travel, food, travel around the island, a place to stay, and basically everything else. I think the only thing I would have to pay for is any souvenir type things I would want. I personally think it’s a great deal but we’ll see. I have to know by the end of this week so I guess I’ll be letting you guys know about my adventures then! 🙂

Have a great week everyone!




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