Number 18–Let It Snow

Snow is so beautiful, don’t you think? I love the snow. Today as I was walking back to my room from class though, I was thinking about how eerie it is when you’re walking through the snow and there isn’t any noise. Think about it. Rain makes noise when it hits the ground, but the snow is totally silent. I think it’s funny how when it snows and snow lands on your nose it’s super cute and you cross your eyes to try and see it, but when it rains we put our hoods up and walk with our heads down. Rain is annoying and snow is fun. I also find it eerie because you know that somewhere a car probably just went into a ditch or someone got into an accident. Snow is silent, but it creates a lot of noise. Something so extremely beautiful can be such a dreadful thing.

So that’s what I was thinking about today! Today has really been a 1989 day. I just love Taylor so much. She’s so perfect and I could go on and on and on and on. Anyone catch that one? oh… haha 🙂 OH! So my birthday is in 2 days and I’m SUPER pumped and today I received flowers from the best boyfriend in the whole world. I would say that they’re beautiful but they haven’t really bloomed yet so I’ll save that for when they bloom. Hahaha 🙂 I’m so excited for my birthday because I’m going to bake a cake! Who doesn’t love cake?!

Well kids I have to get back to my homework now. Talk to you soon! ❤




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