Number 16–Live Lokai

Sometimes you’re on top. Stay Humble. Sometimes you’re hit a low. Stay Hopeful.

The bracelet that I’m holding in that picture is a lokai bracelet. The white bead carries water from Mount Everest to represent when you feel on top of the world. The black bead carries mud from the Dead Sea which is actually the lowest point on Earth. This bracelet represents staying balanced. I seriously love this so much because it is a reminder that honestly people either have it a lot worse than you or people have it a lot better than you. A lot of the time I should probably be reminded to stay balanced because I get way too upset about things that honestly just really don’t matter that much in the long run. How many times have you freaked out about something and then a few days later was like ….oh…..? That happens to me all the time. Well..not all the time..but often enough. And then I get embarrassed. Just the other night I was soooo mad at Tom because I thought he was ignoring me when I called him. Turns out he was just asleep when I called. Oops. I mean seriously I was so mad I sent him a few texts that were pretty mean and then in the morning he got mad because he was asleep and then it turned into this big thing literally because I freaked out when I should’ve just figured that he was asleep. Moral of this story. Stay balanced. Don’t get mad at someone for sleeping. Stay humble. Stay hopeful. Love yourself. Love others.

Have a great week! I’ll hopefully be on once or twice this week 🙂



ps here’s the website for the Lokai bracelet if you want to buy one!


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