Number 14–Boys Will Be Boys

Boys will be boys is honestly one of the most offensive phrases I think I’ve ever heard. It not only gives boys and men excuses to act like pigs, but it almost promotes them. I was reading this and it really hit me. This woman talks about her 3 year old son telling her “I’m a robot, I’m going to eat your brain and your skin.” Umm what? This boy is in preschool reading books that are not educational and when confronted, the teacher says “Oh boys will be boys.” No one should be saying those things, especially at 3 years old. Does a boy that young even know what that means? This phrase gives leeway to any boy who is aggressive and maybe even violent. It can definitely oversimplify a problem and I just think it’s wrong in so many ways. When do girls get to say “girls will be girls?” Do we get an excuse to act crazy and get away with it? “Oh I’m sorry that my daughter is feeling a little bit aggressive today. Girls will be girls!” Or when will I get the excuse to be emotional in public and not get the tag of “oh man she’s a crier.” That will never, ever be an excuse for women and I don’t want it to be. I hate that something like this exists because honestly there’s never a good enough excuse for being violent towards anyone or calling people names. 

Saying this phrase at such a young age could also teach boys that it’s okay to be a little extra aggressive, and it could teach girls that it’s okay to get tossed around a little bit. Reading this article also proves the ignorance of some people and this phrase. Just because boys are boys does not give them the right to bully people. I’m so sick of people bullying each other. No one person is better than me just because another person doesn’t like the way I dress or act. 

Boys do not have to “be boys.” Boys can be whoever they want to be without having an excuse to fall back on. It’s time for this phrase to disappear.

#Feminism It’s time for everyone to be equal.




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