Number 10–Anything Goes when you’re back in Winona

Yesterday I went to go see Anything Goes with my mom in Milwaukee and let me tell you that it was amazing. First of all I love that show to begin with. It was the first ever show I did with the high school and it has been my favorite ever since. It was just so much fun and it’s the perfect balance of songs and dialogue. This traveling Broadway cast and crew did so well. Ugh I can’t even. It was perfect. And after the show we went to the Cheesecake Factory. THAT’S BASICALLY HEAVEN. I’M IN HEAVEN. Anytime, anywhere I’ll have Cheesecake Factory. It’s my FAVORITE restaurant. Ugh. So much wonderful all in one day. After the family got back from the Cheesecake Factory we watched Pitch Perfect. It was really a great way to end this little break I had. UGH.

I love being home with my parents, but it is SO good to be back in Winona. I love it here so, so much. Leaving was kind of hard though. I was saying good bye and my mom started crying. 😦 I was like “MOM DON’T CRY! I’ll be home in a month!” And she said “Yeah but not in this house.” And then the tears started flowing. But I made it here safe and sound and now the house is just a memory. You know…I still don’t know the address of the apartment…..welp. Haha. Back to Winona.

I got here and I was smiling from ear to ear. It feels so good to be back with all of my friends and the beautiful scenery and I don’t even mind that classes start tomorrow because I’m just so happy that I’m back. I picked up my books when I got here and even that had me smiling. I just constantly look around because there’s always something new to notice. I love that. There’s so much to discover here. People who don’t like it here don’t open their eyes to the things that make this town special.

Well that’s all I have for you today! We’ll talk later 🙂




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