Number 9–High School

First of all, I’m sorry that I didn’t post yesterday! It was a long day and by the time I got home I was really not in a good mood to write. Today I am freshly energized and ready for the day! Let’s do this.

Well yesterday I woke up super early. 7:00 am. Not early to some; very, very early to me. I then had to get to the DMV to renew my license which didn’t start my day with good vibes. I got to the DMV and I went inside to the service desk because that’s what you’re supposed to do right away. Now remember that it’s winter in Wisconsin and I was wrapped up in my jacket, a huge scarf, a hat, and mittens. So I went up to the desk and I said “I’m here to renew my license.” The first thing this lady says to me is “Well you’re going to have to take a picture so all of that stuff is going to have to come off.” NO SHIT IT’S GOING TO HAVE TO COME OFF. Like seriously? Did you really have to be sassy with me? I literally said one sentence to her and she’s got her sass turned up to level 20. Let’s tone it down to a level 5, alright miss? So I get my picture taken and then I had to go to a desk to get my eyes checked. My eyes really aren’t the greatest eyes so when I took the test the first time the guy just kind of looked at me and said “…let’s try that again but slower. Really think about the letters before you say them.” …oh. But I passed and I still have a license so that’s cool.

After the DMV I went home to my mom and she actually was going to get her eyeliner tattooed on! That was actually really exciting and it turned out really good. After that we went out to eat, went shopping for a little bit, and then met my dad at our future apartment. The apartment is nice and is in a really nice location. What’s going to be so nice is that we’re going to be right by the freeway that I get off of for school so it’s going to cut 30 minutes off of the trip. I’m definitely excited about that. Once we were done at the apartment my dad and I went to get my car, and then we were finally home. But the day was far from over!

Last night my high school band was having pep band. I can’t just not go to that. So I got all ready and I went and I had SO much fun. I forgot how much fun it is and how nice it is to come back to a great big family. The band is and always will be my family. The freshmen did think I was weird. Really weird. I like to dance around at pep band games because it’s so fun! Why wouldn’t you? So me and all my saxophones from previous years were dancing which in turn made the freshmen dance and everything was as it’s supposed to be. It was so wonderful. It was like they were my section again! 🙂 It was an amazing night. Sure it had a few downs to it that did make me pretty upset, but sometimes you just gotta forget about all of that and focus on being happy. Especially when I’ve had such a good night all in all.

You’ll be hearing from me later, everyone.

Much love,



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