Number 5–Welcome to Illinois

Today was an adventure. I made plans to meet up with one of my friends (Lori) for lunch and then I needed to run to Target quick. It was supposed to be a nice afternoon of normalness. Not so much.

I was very lazy this morning. I woke up around 10, stayed in bed until 10:30, got up and went upstairs to the living room. I turned on the tv and watched an episode of Cupcake Wars, got myself some coffee, and then watched 2 episodes of What Not to Wear. A typical lazy morning for me. When 1:00 rolled around I finally got myself ready for this lunch date. 2:00 came quickly and I was finally ready to go pick up Lori. We were going to go to our favorite Chinese place in town. It’s a nice buffet that has delicious food and I was so ready to eat as much as I could and go into a food coma. That was my plan. But we get all the way there and realize that it’s freaking Monday. IT’S CLOSED ON MONDAYS. WHY IS THAT A THING? After rage quitting for a minute or two, we decide to go get Culver’s. Who doesn’t love some good ‘ol cheesecurds? Crazy people. Plus the flavor of the day was Cookie Dough Craze. Complete deliciousness. So we’re at Culver’s for probably 30-45 minutes and I tell Lori that I need to go to the Target that’s in Lake Geneva because I ordered something online and had it sent to that store. We get there no problem and I get my thing. (I got a body pillow cover that is incredibly soft. I’m very pleased with myself.) I get some red lipstick because I’m pretty sure mine is lost in my boyfriends car and then it’s time to leave. So we’re driving and I’m looking for road signs that I recognize and I see 120. Perfect! That road is a straight shot back to where we live. We’re driving and I’m thinking to myself none of this looks right, so I do a U-turn. We’re on 120 southbound for a good 10-15 minutes and I’m still not recognizing anything and then a Welcome to Illinois sign pops up. This is when I start freaking out because I live in Wisconsin and I certainly was not taking a road trip to Illinois. So I turn onto a road that was very icy. I was freaking out guys. I was trying to act all calm and stuff but on the inside I was flipping shit. It took us about an hour to get home. I drove 93ish miles today. Why me? At least we made an adventure out of it and it’s not something I’m probably ever going to forget.

Moral of the story is that I’m incredibly directionally challenged. Quote of the day is “You know when you’re heading home and a ‘Welcome to Illinois’ sign pops up and you don’t live there?” Don’t let me drive without a GPS unless you want to end up in a different state!

So that was my adventure for the day! What was yours? 🙂

Until later!



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